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About Ishwardeen Bhagwat Singh College,Fatehpur(U.P.)



Iswardeen Bhagwat Singh College, Fatepur was established in 2013. It is affiliated toProf.Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhaiya) University,Prayagraj and Rajarshi Tandon Open University & Board Of Technical Education,Lucknow(U.P) . It offers B.A, B.sc.M.A., & D.Pharma . The college has well qualified teaching staff having good experience in the field of education. It also provides support services like library, computer laboratory, gym, common hall, indoor-outdoor sports facility and medical facility.


Imparting and advancing the cause of Higher Education, scientific and general, in the district of Fatehpur and also of neighbouring districts.


The mission of the college is to stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality in teaching-learning process in the institution, by doing so making this college as the best centre of higher education in Uttar Pradesh.

Principal’s Message

Education removes darkness and makes life brighter forever. From education only, all round development is possible. Education makes a person polite, politeness increases ability and ability gives maturity. Only a committed person is successful in every walk of life. We, here at Ishwardeen Bhagwat Singh College are committed to develop a high quality, professionally groomed educational manpower, possessing multifaceted personality, respect for professional and social ethics, national values and the spirit of human emancipation.
We are further committed to the welfare and professional development of all our stakeholders by providing necessary opportunities and facilities for their self-development in a conducive and congenial environment, promoting teamwork and proactive participation.